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SUNPOLAR International Co., Ltd



Compression Calf Sleeve

Product Number:S10001
  • Over 500 colors can be cutomized
    Our high-quality functional fibers are able to meet the needs of different features such as antibacterial, deodorant,
    anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-microwave, far infrared, water, oil repellent, and many others.

    Functional Fiber
    With years of experience in textile manufacturing, we have maintained long-term cooperation with
    major sports & medical brands both domestically and abroad, directly resulting in our high production efficiency and great technical capacity.

    Now you able to feel the one and only unique sensations of wearing a 4-time graduated compression socks and protection wears.

    Professional Compression
    All specifications and special processing can be tailored in accordance with your designs and requirements.

    產品內容描述820-3 英文版900 - 6
    產品內容描述820-3 英文版900 - 7
  • Compression Calf Sleeve support your muscles and decrease the amount of muscular vibration. This reduces the muscle fatigue you may experience during exercise. Leg muscles stay warm and active with compression technology. The compression leg sleeves are moisture-wicking, ensuring they stay dry and lightweight even during the toughest exercise and workouts. Anti-odor technology prevents the build up of stink. 

    • Textile technology: Hexagonal Cushioning, Seamless Toe Cap, Ankle Joint Protection Brace, Symmetric Weaving Method, Vibration Absorber Cushion
    • Fiber Content: Cotton, Coolmax, Wool, Micro-nylon, Standard Nylon, and Lycra.
    • Color: More than 500 colors are available and the patterns can be customized.
    • Special Application: Silicone, Pad Printing, Thermal Transfer Printing 360º Digital Painting and Reflective Printing​.
    • Price: Add the product into inquiry cart and we will get back to you ASAP.