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4 things you need to know to develop private label in compression socks markets

Potential demand of compression socks development & market potentials

The graduated compression sock is a kind of special design textile, it will make the blood return to the heart by its compression. Originally it was designed for medical use to prevent vein diseases like Varicose veins, Phlebitis, and Deep Vein Thrombosis. With the lifestyle changes, people tend to make more focus on sports and health care. The compression sock develops to make blood circulation, muscles stable and lower down the percentage of injury. Gradually, the professional sporty field and daily health care have been developing related products.

Recently, major sport’s brand has development functional compression products, including clothes, sleeves, elbow sleeve, calf sleeves, ankle sleeves, and so on. According to market survey company NPD Group research that Sportswear is one of the best performing categories during the epidemic. Another Allied Market Research company shows the report that it is estimated that the global sportswear market value will be close to 547 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. And for graduated compression market will reach US$2.7 billion. So, it will be forecast that either graduated compression products or sporting goods have a great potential business to be discovered.

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What are the advantages of private labels to entering the market?

A. Create the own features of the brand and processed them to control the design freedom

You can make your brand for compression socks by your brand characters and target group needs, fashion trend, and functional designs. These factors could show the values of the brands to make the products popular in the market and make the strong brand image, promote brand added value. In this way, there is no need to sell monotonous plain patterns and old-fashioned graduated compression socks which cannot attract the attention of consumers.

B. Every step you can control to enhance the profits of the company from the production management, package, to the market

As the most end-price of graduated compression socks are quite high due to the related material cost and professional knowledge of the property of its products. Being an agent of gradated compression socks is one way to sell the product. It will save much money as the private label not need to pay the agency fee for the brand. Establish your own compression brand, you can seek the manufacturer to discuss the OEM costs. The foundry costs like packaging, material, and channel costs, you can handle each cost and control the budget to make more profit for the company.


How to make custom private label compression socks


1)Please contact SUNPOLAR and inform us of your custom OEM needs.

Kindly provide us the information of the graduated compression products that you want to proceed with sampling as well as the artwork file as AI, PSD, or PDF. For instance,
Sports: Jogging, Cycling, Golf, Badminton, Tennis, Football, Deadlift, Work Out, etc.
Daily Life: Daily Use, Long Time Standing and Sitting, Travel Socks, Nurse, Pregnancy, etc. Medical Uses European or American Classification of Graduated Compression Stockings, for Varicose Veins or Lymphedema, etc.
Protective Gear: Palm, Wrist, Arm, Leg, Ankle, knee, etc. 
Appointed special yarn: Lycra, Coolmax, Recycle Polyester yarn, Far Infrared yarn, Bamboo Charcoal yarn. [Read more: The Fiber Guide of Graduated Compression Socks]
Also, please provide us with the packaging ways or the physical products as reference.


2)Sample Processing

We will base on your demands to charge the sampling fee and the sampling schedule will vary due to our plant production schedule, the materials and yarn sourcing, and the product complexity.

3)Sample Delivery

Please check the color, size, structure, and compression rate of samples and advise the comments.

4)Finalizing confirmation

After approval of samples, there will not and cannot be any changes of products.


We will base it on the final sample to quote.

6)Place Official Orders

It will be needed to pay the partial deposit. After receipt, we will start to check our production line, source the materials and yarns, and arrange your bulk on the line.


Please pay the balance payment by T/T before shipping. We will follow Incoterm, FOB to ship the goods to the appointed location.Please contact SunPolar and inform us of your custom OEM needs.

Create your company private label in compression socks

Custom private label Questions & Answers


Q1: We are interested in graduated compression socks and want to enter the market but don’t know how to proceed the developments. Do you have any suggestions?

First of all, you can go to Amazon to refer the products of major brands to find the possibility that suitable for your brand to develop the features of the product, and price range. Try to find out what element that belongs to your brand’s characteristics is quite important. If you encounter any problems during the development stage for compression socks, please email us for further discussion, we are happy to provide professional consultation and suggestions. Read more Best Custom Socks Manufacturer: Private Label Compression Socks

Q2: We are interested in graduated compression socks for certain brands, would it be possible for SUNPOLAR to produce the similar one?

SUNPOLAR respects the intellectual property of the patents for each company. We are also taking our brand customers’ related rights seriously. If you have any appreciative graduated compression products, we are pleased to offer our professional knowledge with you, to stir up and create the possibility of new products to meet the features of your brands for user needs to make your products being one of the competitive products on the market. 

Q3: We want to make different characteristics of function for graduated compression, but don’t know which yarn or structure to be used. What suggestions do you have?

First of all, you have to think about who is your target group such as sporty fields for cyclists, joggers, and weight trainers, or for the medical field. Take jogging socks, for example, we can make the structure to increase the wicking and humidity control by knitting the hosiery for the mesh to make the socks more breathable.

Also, you can make the characteristics of yarn to reduce friction and alleviated the blisters on feet after massive exercise. Therefore, you may need to think about what’s is the function to meet the patterns and yarn characteristics of structures. and what is demanding for users when they put on the socks.

For this textile professional inquiry, you are welcome to make a discussion with SUNPOLAR for your idea. We are pleased to offer our 20 years of experience and design suitable graduated compression socks for your brand lover.


Q4: Why there is a slight difference in the length by using the same material and structure?

Have you notice from the size chart when you purchase clothes on the internet. There will be a text mentioned that it will be normal for the tolerance by positive and negative value by measurement or cm. Textiles such as clothes, pants, etc., are mostly will be affected by external factors for the different sizes for the same size such as temperature, yarn material characteristics, seasons, and washing methods. As a result, most of them will have an acceptable range of standard deviation.

The material of graduated compression socks is made from multiple elastic covering yarns. The covering yarn will be affected by temperature, raw material, seasons, and other factors during the production of the covered yarn process, as a result, the bundle and length of covering yarn will be slightly different from each batch. Moreover, even if the compression socks are made by the same machine, the length will be different since the difference covering yarn elastic.

Before proceed to the mass production, SUNPOLAR will discuss the details about the standard measurement of compression socks to ensure the quality is good. After the finished the bulk production after getting off the machine, will make 100% inspection to check the measurement, and if there’s any broken for appearance. Once all inspection is done, we’ll proceed with the package, and we’ll recheck the measurements again to make sure each production good quality.

In this way, we are proud that all the products are of the best quality in good condition before we arrange the shipment.


Q5: In order to comply with the brand’s pursuit of beliefs, our band’s products must meet relevant environmental sustainability regulations. Can SUNPOLAR provide this kind of graduated compression socks?

As a manufacturer that supplies worldwide brands, SUNPOLAR also considers the importance of sustainable resources of the earth and the reusability of products. The yarn that we used in the factory has passed the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification to ensure that there are no residues on raw materials that are harming human health.

We also passed the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Certification in 2022, providing the graduated compression socks that comply with the usage of material to track and trace, so the brand will completely conform to characteristics of the sustainable value of the earth in the graduated compression socks field.


Our certificate

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