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Let your compression products better than your competitors

1.Hosiery Machine    

There are a variety of compression hosiery machines around the world with MERZ from Germany and LONATI from Italy being the most well-known brands in the industry. Machines from both of the brands feature the advanced knitting technology, which enables engineers to make subtle adjustment on socks’ structure, pattern, and compression via computer-controlled systems. SUNPOLAR is proud to have the hosiery machines from both MERZ and LONATI, demonstrating the dedication and the ability of producing products catered to consumer needs.

Provide the best compression socks/stockings

2.Yarn Materials    

The most used yarns for compression socks are cotton, nylon, spandex, wool, COOLMAX and etc. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, a great number of consumers begin to choose products that are made from recycled materials. Hence, RePET yarn and bamboo charcoal yarn have been greatly used on compression socks ever since. Whatever yarns you would like to use for your compression products, we are proud to have equipped with a great range of regular and recycled yarns for you to choose.

3. Class of Compression    
Each country has different compression standards/classification. European Class Compression Hosiery and American Classification of Compression Stockings are the most common standards across the world. There are also some specific classifications for daily and medical use. Visit Sunpolar’s website for more details on compression levels.


Design is not merely about the color and pattern. As a matter of fact, to run a compression socks business, it is vital to put in functional design features, such as breathable mesh and cushion/padding. In doing so, your products will quickly stand out in the market. With years of OEM experience, Sunpolar has been always devoted to developing innovative and functional compression products with our customers of all time and we are capable of providing the most constructive advices in designing compression products.

Your design Your compression product

5.Yarn Structure    

Based on your design requirements, you can apply structures to different socks area. It not only brings the comfort to the wearers, but also improves breathability, stretch, support and etc.


Although compression socks are produced by hosiery machines, it is sometimes necessary to utilize sewing machines for accessories, such as silicone elastic gripper or zipper, applied to the socks. It is always worth considering whether it is a necessity to add any accessory onto your main products in the design stage based on the market research of your target consumers.

Let your compression product different from other products



Depending on customer demands, you can choose to add silicone gripper on the welt or the sole. Either way, you can also utilize heat transfer, pad printing, and reflective heat transfer to apply your logo or patterns on the body of socks.
The most used packaging is box packaging, hang sell packaging, polybag and etc. However, with the increasing environmental awareness in recent years, more and more brands start to cut down the use of traditional packaging whilst turn to source environmental protection materials. In addition, consumers nowadays are much more willing to buy products that are made using recycled or environmentally-friendly raw materials.



Cost price will vary based on the product quality and where the product is made as a different country has different labor costs. If you are struggling with setting prices, why not visit/browse the competitors’ selling prices to get a rough idea. Once you have built a price-setting knowledge, you will have to consider every cost that may incur along the way, such as advertising costs, labor costs, and transport costs. In general, the wholesale prices of high-end compression socks and functional socks will be 5-8 times the retailing prices.
     SUNPOLAR has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing graduated compression products. We are dedicated to working with various brands across the globe to develop products that would become great hits in the market. From yarn material to product structure and content, we are capable of providing the most professional advice to help you develop a product catering to consumer needs. With our persistence in quality and innovation, we have partnered with various brands from around the world. If you have any inquiries about medical or athletic compression products, please feel free to send us an email or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest news. 

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