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SUNPOLAR International Co., Ltd



Making Process Compression Socks with Italy LONATI machine

Do you know how to make compression socks process?
This video will show you the sport compression socks process on how to making by Italy LONATI machine.

SUNPOLAR uses high-quality knitting machines with Italy LONATI to provide outstanding medical socks, graduated compression socks, compression sleeves, and other compression products. We are an OEM and ODM company in Taiwan for global famous brands with more than 15 years of experience. SUNPOLAR supplies different kinds of compression sports socks like compression running socks, cyclings socks, fitness socks, weightlifting socks, and other sport. Also, we manufacture compression socks for life, flying, travel, or work. 

If you have any idea about compression socks or another idea about developing a new sustainable compression product, just contact us email: info@sunpolar.com.tw
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