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5 things you need to know about 200 needles &400 needles compression socks

Are you confused about the descriptions on the package when you are looking for compression socks? Those confusing descriptions may include 200 needles, 200 DEN, graduated compression, Lycra Spandex, copper yarn, auto toe-linking, and etc. But how do you choose a good compression product that really suits you from all of those?

Let us talk about the difference between 200 and 400 needles, and which one is better?

  • 200 needles Compression Socks Making Process  (Italy LONATI machines )
  • 400 needles Compression Socks Making Process  (German MERZ machines)

From the perspective of the needle count, it means the number of needles inside the cylinder hosiery machine. In order to know the needle count of the compression socks, the only way is to count the needles one by one, as unfortunately there is no any other it quicker way to do. General speaking, the fewer needles the socks would be looser and more comfortable. The more needles the socks would be finer and fit your foot more properly.
Inside of 200 Needles Cylinder Hosiery MachineInside of 400 Needles Cylinder Hosiery Machine


1. Density of Yarn Structure:

200 N: The needles are thicker, the gap between threads is bigger, and the structure is looser.
400 N: The needles are thinner, the gap between the threads is smaller, and the structure is finer.
200 Needle v.s. 400 Needle

2. Yarn, pattern, and color

200 N: Due to the loose structure, the yarn that can be used won’t be confined to one type. In other words, the design of the socks can be more diverse and colorful.
400 N: The tighter structure limits the material used to Lycra under 420 den and Nylon under 140 den only. Therefore, the design and colors are much more constrained.
Different the structures between 200 needles and 400 needles

3. Thickness

200 N: Layers can be added to thicken the socks to create warmth and cushion.
400 N: With its thin structure, it cannot be layered. Therefore, socks will be sheer and breathable.

4. Appearance and Touching

200 N: The shape of strips is apparent, and the design is full of variety. The touching will be varied based on different yarns.
400 N: the structure is knitted closer, and you can hardly find a single thread when the socks are flat. The texture is smooth and delicate with individual designs.

5. Compression

200 N: Can only be graduated roughly in selected approximate areas.
400 N: Can be graduated in selected areas precisely, and the shape of the socks will be more obvious.

The above are simple introductions for 200 and 400 needles. Each of them all have their pros and cons. It all depends on your requirements when it comes to choosing the best one between 200 and 400 needles.
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