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Give Plastic Bottle Second Chance - Recycled PET Yarn

When feeling thirsty, many people will choose to open the PET bottle which has some delicious drinks. Over time our sea has many PET bottles and other plastic products. Even the scientist can find some plastic pieces in the bird's or fish's stomach. Do the PET bottles have the second chance to make it into other products? And then we can reduce garbage for our environment.
SUNPOLAR-Recycled PET Yarn

Let talk about one of eco yarn - Recycled PET Yarn:
    Recycled PET yarn is a recycling environmentally-friendly fiber. The raw material is waste PET bottles which passed collect, wash and machining to make it. A few PET bottles can make the new compression socks. More than 90% of a PET bottle can be recycled PET yarn. The one kilogram of PET bottle equivalents to 0.8 kilograms of crude oil. Significantly reduce the use of new raw materials in the manufacturing process which from crude oil. And further, reduce the environmental impact of PET bottles. Recycled PET yarn can be used as the main yarn, and can also be mixed with cotton, hemp, and silk to increase the fabric's functionality. Also, compression socks still have comfort.

In recent years, more and more consumers care about our environment. They want to choose which product make by environmentally-friendly material ingredients or have passed environmental certification. If you developing a new product, maybe you can try recycled fiber from Recycled PET Yarn or other environmentally-friendly yarn. Maybe it will be more popular with your consumers! SUNPOLAR uses environmentally-friendly yarn to make the compression product certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

If you have any idea about Recycled PET yarn or another idea about developing a new sustainable compression product, just contact us
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