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How to Wash Compression Socks

     The compression socks and stockings are our good partners in daily life,  exercise, and travel. It always has some sweat and dust when you wear the compression socks all day. Suggest change your compression socks every day and wash it. That why knowing the right way to keep them clean will help them last a long time. The compression socks how long they can be using it will decide by personal using habits and sport. Most time, they can be used for 3-6month. We suggest changing your socks when the materials will start to break down or using more than 6 months. Keep the socks in the right compression is to ensure that you get the full benefits of compression therapy. 
Placing your compression socks in a mesh laundry bag helps protect them during wash cycles when you use the washing machine. And then lay the compression socks flat to dry in a cool and warm place. At last fold and store perfectly dry socks in a pair to let them keep in quality. Remember do not wring them hard when you wash it.

There are several things to keep in mind when washing your compression socks.

1. The recommended temperature should be below a temperature of 40C/104F
Because the heat might damage the fiber in the compression socks. 

no chlorine bleach
2. Do not use bleach to clean your socks.
The bleach can destroy materials and compression.   

Low temperature for drying
3.If you need to use a dryer, use the low-temperature mode to dry it.

No dry cleaning
4. Do not iron.
Because the heat might damage the materials in the compression socks. 

No Ironing

5. Do not dry clean.
The chemical composition of dry cleaning detergents and the high temperature
during the cleaning process can easily damage the fibers of compression socks.