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SUNPOLAR International Co., Ltd



How to let your brand socks business successful through functional fibers and functional socks?

compression socks business
    There are so many kinds of functional fiber you can choose in the market. When developing new functional compression socks and stockings, how you know to choose which functional fiber to achieve for brand value and user demand? Take a look at the classification of functional fibers and what are the choices for common functional fibers on compression socks and stockings.
Functional fiber refers to fibers that have certain properties different from those of ordinary fibers to meet special needs, such as antibacterial, deodorizing, anti-ultraviolet radiation, antistatic, anti-microwave, far infrared, water and oil repellent, etc.

Classification of Functional Fibers
1. Physical (antistatic, memory, heat accumulation, thermal insulation, ultrafine fineness, non-slip etc.)
2. Chemical (deodorizing, etc.)
3. Material Separation (reverse permeability, high water absorption, etc.)
4. Bio-Adaptive (healthcare such as antibacterial, etc.)

How to choose functional fibers to meet our needs?
    It depends on the activity situation to choose which functional fiber use on compression socks. For example, you want to develop road cycling compression socks. These socks will be used functional fiber like moisture-wicking, soft and smooth to the touch, snug around the ankles. If you want to develop the compression socks which move foot a lot and fast in an exercise. Then you need feet cool, sweat-wicking, and non-slip. SUNPOLAR has knitting technology like ''Two-way stretch design provides'', and extra support in the ankles and arches.
SUNPOLAR supplies many different fibers to make compression socks, like cotton, Merino wool, Lycra, Bamboo Charcoal, Recycled PET Yarn, etc. According to customers' special needs, like comfort, antistatic and easy to wear, etc..we also supply organic hemp yarn, graphene yarn, and Teflon yarn.
We have professional technology and R&D capabilities in knitting. We provide OEM/ODM manufacturing services for global brands with years of experience. And we can achieve your brand value, High-quality requirements, and also the comfort of the socks. Let your consumers love your product and high satisfaction.
SUNPOLAR is your best partner in compression.
If you want to know other information about manufacturing compression socks, contact us!
photo by Unsplash