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Talking About Graduated Compression Sock and Stocking

Compression socks pressure picture
What is the graduated compression sock and stocking?  How is work?
    The graduated compression socks and stockings use high quality knitting machines, various elastic yarns like nylon, micro-nylon, cotton, merino wool and scientifically measured designs to make. The graduated compression socks use integrally-knit graduated compression technology to decreased pressure from ankle to thigh to prevent the accumulation of blood in the legs. Those socks usually use to improve the blood circulation of the leg, to improve edema, varicose veins and DVT(Deep vein thrombosis). Wearing compression socks is good for patients who in long-term bedridden or after surgery.  Also, it can reduce the amount of soreness, and help leg recover faster after. Anyone who needs to stand or sit a long time and travels a lot can benefit from compression socks, too.
the blood circulation of the leg
⇒the blood circulation of the leg

What are the measurement units of the compression sock/stocking and what is Denier(Den)?
    A millimeter of mercury(mmHg) is a manometric unit of compression socks/stockings. According to German standards, the compression socks/stockings usually have four compression levels: class I 18-21 mmHg, class II 23-32mmHg, class III 34-46mmHg, and class IV above 49mmHg.
Denier(Den)  is meaning grams per 9 kilometers of yarn weigh. For example, take 9000m yarn to weigh can get 200g that means 200Den
When Den more light it means yarn thinner, let socs/stockings softness and breathable. On the other hand, When Den heavier it means yarn thick, let socs/stockings keep warm.

It is recommended that you can choose a progressive compression stocking (medical elastic stockings) product that is approved by the official medical certification according to your physical condition and needs, or ask professional advice from your doctor.