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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why choose compression socks?Open

    Have you ever thought about why athletes wear spandex clothes or compression leg sleeves while they are competing in a sports event?

    A pair of suitable compression pants must be a perfect fit for your skin to support your muscle groups, reduce energy loss & sports injuries caused by muscle sway during exercise, use external force to enhance the strength and speed of blood flow back to your heart, achieve improved blood circulation & reduced muscle pain, accelerate physical recovery, and delay & breakdown lactic acid accumulated in your muscle so that your muscle groups can be maintained in a peak status for a longer period of time.

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  • What is functional fiber?Open

    Functional fiber refers to fibers that have certain properties different from those of ordinary fibers to meet special needs, such as antibacterial, deodorizing, anti-ultraviolet radiation, antistatic, anti-microwave, far infrared, water and oil repellent, etc.

    Classification of Functional Fibers
    1. Physical (antistatic, memory, heat accumulation, thermal insulation, ultrafine fineness, etc.)
    2. Chemical (deodorizing, etc.)
    3. Material Separation (reverse permeability, high water absorption, etc.)
    4. Bio-Adaptive (healthcare such as antibacterial, etc.)
  • How to choose a pressure value?Open

    With CMD-100 pressure tester and Salzmann imported all the way from Swiss, we will perform pressure tests on our products in accordance with the product inspection standards to ensure that our product pressure is in compliance with the standard value.

    First-grade Medical Socks (pressure range: 18-21mmHg)
    Indications: mild varicose veins without edema resulted from sitting for too long, standing for too long, or in the early stage of pregnancy;
    Second-grade Medical Socks (pressure range: 23-32mmHg)
    Indications: severe varicose veins with edema resulted from post-surgery swelling, post-injury swelling, shallow thrombophlebitis or pregnancy;
    Third-grade Medical Socks (pressure range: 34-46 mmHg)
    Indications: repeated varicose veins with severe edema, swollen lymph nodes, lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis), or venous insufficiency after embolization.

    ※Medical socks with higher grades are more resistant to pressure and are often used for treatment. It is recommended that you consult your professional instructors or doctors before using medical socks.
  • How to measure the size correctly?Open

    Choosing the right and appropriate compression socks can effectively decompress and relieve the fatigue in your feet, fully fit your leg shapes, and exert the most appropriate pressure on each part of your legs. You can get the most accurate measurements after you wake up but before you get off the bed each morning.

    Ankle circumference: measuring the thinnest circumference of the ankle;
    Calf circumference: measuring the thickest circumference of the calf;
    Thigh circumference: measuring the thickest circumference of the thigh.
  • I am here for cooperation proposal.Open

    We welcome major brands or sports teams to negotiate marketing cooperation with us. If you are interested in SUNPOLAR team and product, please fill out the form and contact us. After assessed by our project personnel, he/she will contact you and talk with you face to face.

    Or you can also write an e-mail and send it to the e-mail address at info@sunpolar.com.tw so that our dedicated personnel will contact you.