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Frequently Asked Questions
  • I like the characteristics of this pair of socks.Open

    If you have a pair of textile crafts that you love very much or have many ideas in your mind waiting to be transformed into reality, we are willing to turn your dream into reality considering the fact that different brands always put different emphasis on their product functions. Since we have an attempt to create your one-and-only products, we are willing to help you analyze your dream product's features, advantages, and disadvantages for your reference. All these are done to help you create the functional compression socks that best suite your brand features.
  • How good are SUNPOLAR's product quality and manufacturing efficiency?Open

    SUNPOLAR adheres to the use of certified high-quality raw materials, functional fibers and fabric ribbons. By importing the topnotch German production machine, we are able to produce the most cost-effective products within the shortest period of time which not only shortens the delivery period but also ensures good production quality. With a shortened production period, our customers are able to get ahead of others to seek more business opportunities in a competitive market.

    With our own factory, we are able to provide our customers with a one-stop-service and respond to each process within the shortest period of time. Receiving SGS ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003, we have strict control over our own production quality. With customer satisfaction reaching as high as 98%, our product quality and achievements are obvious to all.
    As a result, our long-term cooperative customers come from many countries around the world including the United States, Australia, the Philippines, Sweden, South Korea, Japan, India, Canada, the United Kingdom, China and Taiwan.

  • Can SUNPOLAR helps me make samples?Open

    Being satisfied with the samples before placing your order has always been SUNPOLAR's insist on product quality. You're always welcome to contact SUNPOLAR business manager and we will spare no effort in supporting the entire process from your original product to commercialized commodity to provide you with the best compression sock products. Read more Best Custom Socks Manufacturer:Private Label Compression Socks
  • What guarantee can SUNPOLAR offer you?Open

    1.Customized Manufacturing Process
    All specifications can be tailored in accordance with your specific needs such as color, totem, and even budget.

    2.Superb Textile Technology
    With years of experience in textile manufacturing and long-term cooperation with well-known sports and medical brands from both domestic and abroad, we have excellent production efficiency and technological capacity to meet our customers' needs within the shortest period of time. All these are done to shorten our manufacturing process and improve our product competitiveness.

    3.Professional Senior Business Manager
    Each of our customers is provided with the most incisive advice from a corresponding SUNPOLAR senior business manager who will discuss with you over the exact specification you need (product, ingredient, price, etc.), provide our rich experience for your reference, and perform a strict quality control over the entire process from raw material selection to final product packaging.

    4.Be Satisfied with the Samples Before Placing Your Order
    Before putting your designs into mass production, you will receive a sample for which you may place an order on after you're fully satisfied with it. After confirmation, SUNPOLAR will put your order into mass production. Additionally, you may also receive even more samples by making extra payment. 
  • Why choose SUNPOLAR?Open

    With over 20 years of experience in providing OEM/ODM manufacturing services for global brands, SUNPOLAR is considered one of the leading sock manufacturers in anti-embolism stockings, compression wears and graduated compression socks.

    With many years of experience in providing OEM/ODM manufacturing services for global brands, we have superb textile technologies, smooth service flow, safe manufacturing processes, and strict quality control to provide a one-stop service for our customers. With the most complete and standardized SOP process control, we have digitalized equipment, efficient production, and stable product quality to meet the need of large orders from both domestic and abroad.