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About Us

>About Us

Best Custom Socks Manufacturer: Private Label Compression Socks

1.Private Label Socks(Sport/Life/Medical)

Private label socks for sport, or lifestyle
(1) Sports Socks (Knee-high,
Mid-calf, Crew, Quarter,
Ankle, No-show)
(2)Sleeves: Arm, Leg, Calf, Ankle
(3)Traveling Socks
(4)Women's/ Men's casual socks
(5)Pregnancy Pantyhose


Private label socks for medical
(1)Anti-embolism stockings
(2)Knee Support
(3)Ankle Sleeve for base layer
(4)Sleeves: Wrist, Arm, Quad, Leg
(5)Diabetic Sock: Non / Light Compression
(6)Compression Stockings:
Open-Toe/Closed-Toe, Knee-high, Thigh High, Pantyhose
(7)Bunion socks

  Needle Count: 168N, 200N, 400N [200N,400N Guide ]
Feature :
            √Reciprocated heel
            √Auto linking toe
            √Ultra sheer pattern in no-cutting-yarn design
            √Multiple color jacquard
            √Select terry
            √Comfort top
            √Cushioned toe & heel
            √Lightweight mesh


2. What are the special custom features of our hosiery?

  Based On Your Needs
The special custom features of our hosiery: reflective decal

Reflective Decal

Applying reflective decal on textiles can help the user keep visible in the dark as well as show the company's LOGO and strengthen brand image.
The special custom features of our hosiery: pad printing

Pad Printing

Pad printing can perfectly transfer irregular images onto textiles.
The special custom features of our hosiery: thermal transfer

Thermal Transfer

Based on the different customized images,
we use the heat press
for thermal transfer on socks that show good Color Fastness and Color Fastness to Washing.

The special custom features of our hosiery: 360° digital printingl

360° Digital Printing

By 360° Digital Printing, the printed graphics can be with vibrant colors
and high flexibility & durability.

The special custom features of our hosiery: silicone gel

Silicone gel 

Silicone gel can increase the anti-slip functionality of the sole and touch the skin to prevent it from sliding.
The special custom features of our hosiery: silicone gel


Zippers can help you to wear and take off stockings more easily.
The special custom features of our hosiery: ribbon


Ribbon can add designing styles of stockings and make it possible to adjust the tightness.
The special custom features of our hosiery: carrier


Splints can stable the affected region and provide more comfortable partial auxiliary medical products.

3. The Service Process: Custom Private Label Socks With Your Branding

1)Please contact SunPolar and inform us of your custom OEM needs.

Kindly provide us the information of the graduated compression products that you want to proceed with sampling as well as the artwork file as AI, PSD, or PDF.

For instance,
Sports: Jogging, Cycling, Golf, Badminton, Tennis, Football, Deadlift, Work Out, etc.
Daily Life: Daily Use, Long Time Standing and Sitting, Travel Socks, Nurse, Pregnancy, etc. 
Medical Uses European or American Classification of Graduated Compression Stockings, for Varicose Veins or Lymphedema, etc.
Protective Gear: Palm, Wrist, Arm, Leg, Ankle, knee, etc. 
Appointed special yarn: Lycra, Coolmax, Recycle Polyester yarn, Far Infrared yarn, Bamboo Charcoal yarn. [The Fiber Guide of Graduated Compression Socks]
Also, please provide us the packaging ways or the physical products as reference.

2)Sample Processing

We will base on your demands to charge the sampling fee and the sampling schedule will vary due to our plant production schedule, the materials and yarn sourcing, and the product complexity.

3)Sample Delivery

Please check the color, size, structure, and compression rate of samples and advise the comments.

4)Finalizing confirmation

After approval of samples, there will not and cannot be any changes of products.


We will base it on the final sample to quote.

6)Place Official Orders

It will be needed to pay the partial deposit. After receipt, we will start to check our production line, source the materials and yarns, and arrange your bulk on the line.


Please pay the balance payment by T/T before shipping. We will follow Incoterm, FOB to ship the goods to the appointed location.Please contact SunPolar and inform us of your custom OEM needs.

4. Why you should choose SUNPOLAR? Our advantages are as below

  • We own the various patents of graduated compression hosiery. Meanwhile, we keep researching different kinds of yarns and invent knitting techniques to match the needs of brands and customers, by which your graduated compression products will be one of the hottest products on the market. 
  •  Every single piece from SUNPOLAR is produced in-house so as to protect the design patents of brands.
  • We insist on “100% product inspection” to provide you stable and high-quality graduated compression hosiery, reduce the likelihood of customer complaints or product returns for branded goods on Sales Channels and lower the operating cost of after-sales service.

5. Custom Compression Socks Q&A


Q1:How to choose a professional compression manufacturer?

An experienced OEM will provide specialized advice and knowledge to perfect the custom compression socks. From ideas to finished items and marketing, all can be customized easily.

Q2:How to start producing compression socks of your own brand?

Define the purpose of socks. Analyze and outline your market. An expert OEM will follow your setting to create various compression levels and have different post processes. Test the sample to evaluate and modify the product to meet your requests.

Q3:How to produce the best compression stockings?

Experienced OEM usually cooperate with the world's leading brands. The factory will be able to guide the design and apply for patents, continually provide stable and high-quality custom compression socks, also secure all private information.

Q4:How to choose the right compression socks for you?

Compression stockings can be divided into three types: daily life, sports, and medical grades. The low compression could be used in daily life. Sports compression stockings will be graduated for several zones and thicknesses on different parts. Wearing Medical-grade compression stockings must have doctor's recommendation or diagnosis.

Since 2003, SUNPOLAR has had professional experiences in OEM for 20 years. We keep trying to apply different fibers, eco-friendly yarns, and knitted techniques to create various kinds of high-quality graduated compression products matching brands and consumers.
As one of the leading graduated compression hosiery manufacturers in the world, SUNPOLAR cooperates with brands around the world and provides them the most popular and high-quality graduated compression products.
At the same time, we constantly improve ourselves and innovate the knitted techniques; we are willing to take the challenges to develop the different quality graduated compression products. From product designing, producing, dyeing & finishing, packaging to shipping, all the processes are conducted in-house.
SUNPOLAR values and protects the design patents of every brand client as well as offer OEM services with high quality & privacy to every client.

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